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Enjoy Delicious Biryani (Without the Guilt!)

Enjoy the Taste of Biryani Without the Guilt

Haan ‘D’ Biryani: 100% delicious. 0% guilt.

Haan ‘D’ Biryani brings you the ultimate low-fat biryani—unmatched by chefs for centuries since the Mughal times. So, get ready to end your biryani drought. Now you can watch your waistline and eat your biryani too.

Our Chicken Biryani contains just 5.36% fat per 100 grams. Our Mutton Biryani is not far behind, with 6.5% fat per 100 grams. No more post-biryani heaviness in the stomach. No more guilt about cheating on your diet.

Enjoy Delicious Biryani (Without the Guilt!)

Reheating the biryani is easy. We use food-grade and reusable microwave-friendly packaging. Stick it in the microwave right before you dig in. It's best enjoyed hot and steaming.

We cook our biryani in sunflower oil and use only whole spices. The tender meat on your plate is marinated with care, and prepared with garam masala, saffron, and fragrant basmati rice.